Jamie Hewlett with Elizabeth Baker

While Hawkins is in Prague having all kinds of adventures, Dani and return guest Elizabeth dig into the wild wacky world of artist Jamie Hewlett! Elizabeth is a Gorillaz superfan, while Dani is a TANK GIRL nut, so will they see eye-to-eye or butt heads over Hewlett?

oh man oh man 2-D is NERVOUS

oh man oh man 2-D is NERVOUS


Jamie Hewlett

b. April 3, 1968
United Kingdom
Known for: crude humor, nudity, vulgarity, sharp edges and hard lines


Freaky This Week


  • 00:03:36 - Dani geeks out over the return of Fangoria

  • 00:04:12 - Main topic - Jamie Hewlett!

  • 01:14:02 - Dani and Elizabeth share their new project, Gettin' Weird!