Rian Johnson

After our The Last Jedi episode, we just had to dive into the works of director Rian Johnson. Dani has been a longtime fan, while Hawkins has been lukewarm until now. This week, we talk all things BrickThe Brothers Bloom, and Looper, as well as Johnson's episodes of Breaking Bad! There are some The Last Jedi spoilers, too, peppered throughout. 

Freaky This Week


  • 00:09:00 - Discussion of Rian Johnson begins

  • 00:16:12 - Brick (NO SPOILERS!!)

  • 00:31:06 - The Brothers Bloom (All of the spoilers)

  • 00:48:30 - Looper (Spoilers)

  • 00:58:50 - Would you kill baby Hitler?

  • 01:01:36 - Breaking Bad

  • 01:07:07 - Johnson overall and wrap-up