Some Fantastic Feedback from Jessica F. Holt

We were very honored to be featured in friend of the show and dark artist Jessica F. Holt's recent Women In Horror: Podcast Edition. Here are the great words she had to say in her article!

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Freaky Fandoms co-hosted by Danni and Hawkins discussing the freaky movies, vid games, comics, books and more that we all love to enjoy. As I am relatively new to the podcast I am just getting a feel for the type of relationship the two hosts have and so far it has been super casual and fun. I am a fan of swearing in real life so when I heard it in their podcast it made me smile. It immediately makes it more informal, like you’re just hanging out with friends having a good time and talking about your favorite fandoms. 

My first podcast of theirs was about the fandom surrounding Nightmare Before Christmas because I was a big fan and I still watch it every Christmas. I have never enjoyed the holiday of Christmas in general so this is my one tradition around the holiday. Listening to the podcast was informative, funny and insightful. Each host had their own fav things about it and the not so great things. Like how Sally could be perceived as annoying to an overly egotistical Jack and the problematic male story line of a genius that causes havoc, but is excused eventually because of some self-awareness. A sadly too often portrayed male role with little depth. I of course enjoyed Jack’s transformation from narcissistic leader to introspective semi aware being later in the movie. One of the positive mentions was the gang of creepy kids Lock, Shock and Barrel, that worked for Jack also some of my personal favs characters. 

Both hosts also commented on the gatekeeping that unfortunately happened around the film/fandom which is a problem that should be discussed with fandoms in general. It would be great if we could educate people that we can all enjoy things, we do not own the fandoms and we should all be happy more macabre stories are becoming accepted. I for one don't miss being called a freak for just enjoying horror movies or making creepy art.  But with the wide acceptance of things it has it's own problems, which they also talked about. With wide acceptance sometimes comes the over-merchandising of the fandom, case in point Hot Topic's over-production of the fandom, also to the point of Marilyn Manson covering some of the songs? Thankfully I never heard that so my brain is safe for now. All in all a fun, informative listen that kept me thinking, laughing and smiling for the better part of my morning work hours.

Oh and personal bonus for me both hosts are fans of dark artists and Danni is actually a pretty great artist herself. Check out her twitter for some stellar art! Plus Danni and I connected on twitter over our mutual love of Amanda Fucking Palmer so high fives all around for that!

Looking forward to getting into more this week. Next stop will be their podcast on The Cabin in the Woods!

Check out the rest of Jessica's fantastic article HERE and make sure to follow her writings and art on her site and support her Patreon

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