The Freaky Fandoms podcast was started in January of 2017 when co-hosts Andrew Hawkins and Dani Ryan just decided to stop admiring their friends' shows and make their own. Our goal has been to explore freaky fandoms, whether the content that inspires said fandoms is freaky, or the fans themselves take things into that category. The show releases every Sunday and can feature anything: movies, television, video games, real life events, music... the limits are endless.

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Online doing entertainment journalism and content since 2011, Andrew is a lifelong fan of dark comedy, weird cinema and underground horror. He is into all kinds of subversive and obscure counterculture media, and his favorite sushi is unagi. Web stomping grounds include, CHUD, Fandom and Trouble.City

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    Born into a love of bonding through media, Deborah has had an insatiable lust for dark and strange entertainment. Opinionated and blunt, she is dedicated to criticizing from a fan’s point of view. Dislikes: modern comedy, country music and the South.

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    Dani (former host)

    A cinephile before she could walk, Danielle Ryan loves controversial cinema (especially horror) and good cinematography; her dislikes include romantic comedies and people’s knees. Dani writes for Birth.Movies.Death, Diabolique Magazine, Paste Magazine, and Cinemazine.

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